Friday, May 26, 2017

My Truth & Launch of New Website (

I know from exploration and experience that my true calling is to help others and to assist humanity in these challenging times. I've always been an advocate of peace and cooperation across cultures as well as transcending conflict to see the greater humanity within all of us. I've worked to try and change things with a compassionate heart. But I also realized that change starts in us. This is what gives us the power to create the experience and world we desire.

As a intuitive healer with training in different transformative techniques, I am here to help individuals to rediscover their truth, to heal old wounds and find their happiness, and to grow in self-love leading to both personal and professional fulfillment.

That's what the new site is all about. I am also writing and you can find some of my photography there. All of it is about inspiration and awakening us to who we are and the creative world we live in.


I wrote the following piece yesterday. It is very much connected to what I was experiencing in some ways and in other ways I feel it is a message for all of us and that's why I am sharing it. As always, you do with it what feels good to you in your unique journey.


So much of what you are seeing today is designed to keep you living in fear. It is fear-based. Fear of a great many things too innumerable to recount here.

I am here to communicate that there is great love within you. Ask for awareness, ask for truth, ask for guidance. You will have it. Peace, happiness, love, compassion, unity, and community is your birthright.

This is an evolving process with some obstacles in the way. You have free will and you can choose to see and do what you want. No one is going to take that away from you. You can however create a different experience in your life by waking up to your infinite nature, to your own truth and light, if you haven't already.

Your beliefs and your ideas have been a cause for great problems on Earth. Your beliefs in power, greed, profit, and control over others have led you to create systems that are based around these very things. It keeps you locked into something limited when you are expansive.

You can transcend these limited beliefs by loving yourself and loving others. By embracing that which is positive and letting go that which is negative. This is no easy task. These negative energies are what keep you stuck. These energies are associated with fear and negativity.

It is very human to experience these things. It has been your story. They present you with real challenges. But you now have the support and the guidance to embrace the growing awareness within you and to see with open eyes beyond the illusion that you are currently living in. It is an illusion of polarizing right and wrong, of light verses dark, and have and have not.

This illusion exists because you make it real. But the illusion is fading. There are more opportunities than in any time in history to leave the old version of self and society behind, be grateful for its lessons, and to usher in a beautiful new experience. Something that has always been there but hidden until now. A new experience that is harmonious, healing, loving, awake, open and free.

If you continue to believe that you are unworthy as individuals and unable collectively to create a more peaceful world, you will continue to create just that. It requires a leap of faith by each one of you and all of you. It is a major shift in awareness not without sometimes the crumbling of what came before in your life. But you finally have the tools and resources to change and it is happening in clear and subtle ways.

Trust that this planet is shifting at a very fast pace. Fear and negativity comes to the surface to be looked at and to be healed since there is less and less room for it.

It is time to increase what you came here to do: to awaken to love and to expand the light upon this beautiful planet. You are capable of greater love, compassion, and kindness than you give yourself credit for. Endless opportunities await for your transformation.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Drop the BS and Be Something Great

We are living in crazy times don't you think? Does it feel like radical change to you? Personal upheaval, political upheaval, world chaos. Are you paying attention to the 24 hour news cycle and the consistent spewing of fear and negativity that these parties are so good at?

Many people I know are going through upheaval and myself included. It's not the type of upheaval you would imagine though. Well, may be. It can seem like your world or the world is falling apart all around you and you are left to pick up the pieces.

How do you choose to respond to all of this? Do you keep going and trust all will be well or do you go negative and cynical and disbelieving? It's pretty hard to trust when things seem so uncertain.

But trusting yourself and trusting life can be a way to create certainty. Can you take the leap of faith that things will work out, have a positive attitude, and just keep going? Another opportunity for courage!

I see in my experience and that of others that we have been conditioned to believe that life is a struggle, that life is hard, and that we have to fight to survive. We are conditioned to believe that we are not capable of changing our lives or making strides to something great. We believe in lack and loss and we create it every day.

Sounds like a lot of new-age baloney. But unfortunately, I find it to be true. Staring us in the face everywhere we look every day.

May be you wake up one day and you say enough of the BS about not having what you desire, the right people in your life, the right opportunities, community, living situation, etc.

May be you decide to stop believing the negative hype that you can't have what your heart desires or that to get it you need to sell your soul. May be you decide to create it by working hard, staying positive in the face of challenges, and believing in yourself and believing in life. May be you make that mental and emotional, even spiritual shift (no matter what you believe) and say you are no longer willing to be resigned to an ordinary life.

What then? Well that depends on you. But as soon as you decide that you are worth a heck of a lot more than you thought or were told by someone who didn't know their true power. Can't blame them but you can move away from them.

I am here to say that you are worth it, there is no dollar amount high enough for you and that you are a creative, powerful, loving being with great potential for good.

More mumbo jumbo BS? May be for you. Not for me.

You see I believed or found myself believing that I wasn't worth a lot even when my reality showed me differently. I got sad or depressed or in a funk and started drinking the negative cool-aid. This was never me in my life but it happened. That story took on its own life and grew. Sure I've been through a lot, we all have, and I've grown because of it and I'm grateful BUT the story of lack, of no self worth, of sadness and cynicism is just that, a story.

It can be transcended. It has been transcended. Love your stories, thank them, and then let them go.

Move into the space where you are loving yourself for who you are and loving others for who they are. Bring awareness to your actions, your ideas, your beliefs, your relationships, your goals and your dreams. See what works and what doesn't and don't be afraid to let go of anything that is taking up space or dragging you down.

This is super hard but it is also super rewarding. I haven't been successful with all of this yet. I'd be lying if I said I was. This is a process and it takes time but time we have contrary to the world clock and the naysayers who believe in smallness.

So take a moment to love yourself, love life, and be grateful for what you have and then move on your own unique path toward whatever greatness you decide to create. You can do it, you will do it, and I am here to tell you that there is more support than you know.

Peace out