Thursday, April 25, 2013

The State of Things: Why the World Appears To Be Spinning Out of Control

Violence. Weak Economies. Debt Defaults. Corruption Scandals. Explosions. Factories Collapsing. Environmental Degradation. Political Infighting. Right verses Wrong. Religion verses Religion. Intolerance and Discrimination. The Intensification of Conflict between States and Within Them. The List Goes On and On.

What is going on? What does it mean? What is the state of things in a world that seems to be spinning out of control?

One Answer in My Perspective: We Are Waking Up

We are waking up to the existence of unconsciousness within us. Of a sickness that causes individuals and groups to choose hatred and violence as an answer to their unhappiness and marginalization. We are deeply aware of it now because of the 24 hour news cycle and endless social media; because the world is getting smaller and we are more connected.

Our awareness of the intensification of conflict and the deep problems within our societies are causing us to act, react, and express ourselves in both new and old ways. These expressions unite us and they divide us. And yet, in no small way, they give us infinite opportunities to heal and to work together for the advancement of our individual and collective experience.

In times of pain and suffering, we come together and we support each other. We decide that the things we see and disapprove of need changing. Of course, our ideas about how to change them and advance our societies are varied. Nonetheless, by peacefully engaging with each other, we advance our eventual unification.

We also often make the mistake of believing that the changes we desire are resolved solely through OUTER actions or what we do. We forget that the roots of our problems, our suffering, and our unhappiness lies in a lack of inner peace. We seek outer solutions when it is our inner self that is screaming for help and for recognition.

It may sound simplified to say this, but alas, the concept is wonderfully simple.

When we choose as individuals to look in the mirror and to accept what we don't like about our lives and our experiences; we permit ourselves to change them and to heal any wounds. We give ourselves an opportunity to see new ways of being and new ways of loving and live them every day.

Our CONSCIOUS choices (as opposed to acting without thought, consideration, or feeling) to love ourselves will allow us to love others, even if those others are different than us in every conceivable way. It is difficult to do this but the rewards are great if we do.

Our consciousness opens the door for the flowering of peaceful societies free of hatred and violence, of disease and unhappiness, and of our relentless adherence to EGO.

In sum, we are responsible for what happens in our lives and we are responsible for our collective present and future. Every one of us is part of a collective whole. Our experience is connected. When the day comes that we choose to accept this idea at its deepest level; only then we will be able to truly and completely release the unconsciousness among us and experience the world of our dreams.

Respect Self. Love Others. Live Life.

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