Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Meaning of Waking Up

JT's Introduction

Since 2010, this blog has been called "Be the Difference." It's message was to honor who we are, accept others for who they are, and seek to work together to build a more peaceful human experience through expression and commentary.

The new WAKING UP - The (Re) Evolution blog on this site will still include aspects of 'Be the Difference' and its message. WAKING UP, however, follows a personal journey in life; full of experiences, honest insights, stories and creativity, humor and emotion, and the exploration of beauty in our experience together.

In this blog, I am along for the ride in life like the rest of us. Everything I write or relay is coming from me even if it is undoubtedly inspired by the multitudes among us who have given so much knowledge and experience to our collective human history.


We must define WAKING UP - The (Re) Evolution.

WAKING UP suggests that we have been asleep at the wheel. It infers that we are mostly living our lives in an unconscious state of unawareness.

To WAKE UP encourages us to become more conscious and more aware. Aware of what? Aware of EVERYTHING. Aware of who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. Even more importantly, aware of "what's going on INSIDE and OUTSIDE us."

To be aware of what's happening EVERYWHERE we have to pay attention. That means a greater effort to consider our thoughts, emotions, and feelings and their significance in our lives, and in turn, our actions and experiences.

This, I attempt to do here.

WAKING UP does not necessarily happen overnight for me or us even though it can. WAKING UP occurs over the course of our lives, in every moment of NOW. Thus, WAKING UP is an evolution over space and time. We are experiencing it RIGHT NOW no matter our level of awareness. Life is WAKING (US) UP and this is our intention and our journey.

In sum:

We have been asleep, unconscious, and unaware in life...That is changing...We are WAKING UP...Our WAKING UP is happening within us and around us as we are being asked to pay attention...The WAKING UP (Re) Evolution that we are calling forth and experiencing RIGHT NOW for all to see.

And begins.

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