Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Major Shift in Consciousness is Occurring

There is a major shift in consciousness occurring right now.

It has been intensifying for some time and 2012 is an important year.

The implications for this shift are many. One of the most important outcomes of this shift will be a sharp rise in the consciousness of the human race as we move forward. A profound rise in consciousness is a positive outcome for all of us because, while it sometimes brings chaos, it will nonetheless set the stage for the deepening of the highest and most inclusive solutions to our most pressing problems. It is our ticket to a more peaceful and loving global society.

We would be silly to dismiss the deep negativity, violence, and conflict that seems to be growing in each country, rising to the surface within us, and throughout specific regions in particular. More and more of us are frustrated and angry and acting that way in public spaces, creating scenes of violence, suffering, and widespread antipathy. In public, we are opposing our governments and leadership with mass protests and in many cases we are fighting with each other too.

Some of us are choosing to make our voices heard through violent acts while others are peacefully demanding change. Whatever the choice, the perception is of a disappointed society of people with the experience we are having. It does not serve us anymore and because of that, we are acting out in the hopes that we can change it. And even though some of our acts are horrendous, we are a part of a process of consciousness-rising nonetheless.

Despite the negativity, the chaos, and the violence, there are also under-currents of another world waiting to blossom; waiting to take center stage in the human experience. This other world will move us more quickly to a very simple, yet easily misunderstood concept, that says 'we are one'. It will create peace here.

When people hear the phrase, we are one, they generally think we're talking about some fantastical goal that is best suited for the few new-age weirdos among us, who hold ridiculous 'peace and love' signs and espouse unrealistic visions for a world that is far from our experience. And most of us probably don't think deeply enough about what 'we are one' actually means. We reject it outright as irrelevant to our lives.

It is not. Our rising consciousness brings us closer and closer to the experience of oneness. 'We are one' means exactly what it says. It means that there is no difference between you and I despite what we see on the outside. It means that you and I are one and the same on a deeper level.

We are one on the level of consciousness. We are made of the same stuff. We have similar thought processes, ideas about we want in life, and we experience variations of the same things whether it be the experience of love, fear, pain, hurt, happiness, disappointment, success, failure, and so on. We share this life and all its associated feelings, emotions, and desires.

Since we experience things similarly and are composed of the same stuff, we can make the case that we are connected to each other. And our connection is evidenced in some of the most basic interactions we have between family and friends, through community and across country, region, and world.

'We are one' has a very real spiritual implication as well. I know that this is where some people tune out or are not willing to go. Once we start talking about spirituality or religion, God or the universe, we find ourselves in a very personal world of either discomfort or fiery opinion about what is the true nature of things.

Spirituality, however, does not have to mean divisive belief or dogmatic egoism, but instead a very simple experience of love and respect for each other. An appreciation for life and our interaction as conscious beings. If we feel love, that must mean something to us? Our connection to each other and the emotions we feel must come from some force within us, right? It does not matter what you call it, doesn't our experience show us that we are trying to be conscious and that we are connected?

There is no way that what happens to one person does not affect another. History and human experience are evidence enough.

Therefore, today, you cannot tell me that the citizens of the Middle East are not affected by the violence and upheaval of the Arab Spring. You cannot tell me that they are not concerned or impacted deeply with the profound changes that are reverberating throughout their communities and countries in the region.

Countless families and individuals are right in the heart of it every day. They feel it, see it, and experience it as they attack, defend themselves, or flee. Everything everyone chooses to do ultimately affects those around them.

You cannot tell me that the people of Afghanistan are not deeply affected by the power struggle in their country, the violence, and the poverty. You cannot tell me that the people of North and South Sudan are not deeply affected by the conflict that rages between governments and militias. You cannot tell me that the people of Pakistan are not affected by the battles going on within their society and across their borders.

You cannot tell me that the people of Europe and the United States, as we have seen over the last years, are not deeply affected by the economic crisis and subsequent recession and its deep effect on the middle classes, the working classes, and the poor. Decisions have been made by governments and the private sector and by all of us on some level that affect our society in profoundly challenging ways. Moreover, the experiences referenced above run deep because, as you can imagine, they touch every community, every household, and every person in untold ways.

We are deeply inter-connected. We live in a world where our choices determine outcomes for all of us whether we like it or not. With this unique connectivity, there also comes great responsibility by us and for us, and it does not matter who you are or where you live.
What is happening today is that our connectedness is 'out' for all of us to see and touch. We experience it first-hand albeit in distinct ways. When this happens, as it is now, we become deeply aware of the chaos and struggles of our communities. While pain and hardship, violence and upheaval seems to dominate our individual and collective lives, we can also see, if we look; peaceful shifts of consciousness happening too. This peaceful shift is growing and will be ready to reign supreme when the violence finally subsides. We can advance that shift.

So today we are at that transformational cross-road. There is a major shift in consciousness occurring within and without us for all to see.

It is our choice how we want to experience the shift.

Do we choose to reach out to others and seek to solve our problems by embracing our differences and moving toward oneness through acceptance and love? Or do we choose instead to live and act in constant fear; attacking and hurting each other no matter the cost?

Do we truly understand that a path of hate, violence, or attachment to conflict could end life as we know it? Do we care?

What do we choose now for ourselves? We have a choice.

This choice starts with you and me right here, right now.

Be the difference.

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