Monday, May 14, 2012

What would love do now

Last week, President Obama voiced his support for gay marriage.

And then across the country, ministers, politicians, media people, and countless others weighed in on the debate. Let's please put all politics aside here and get to the core of the issue: do we love people who happen to love someone of the same sex OR do we discriminate against them, judge them, and ostracize them from society?

And secondly, do we allow those who love someone of the same sex to get married or do we disallow them the equal rights afforded to the rest of us?


YES, we love them. Because they are human beings too. And YES we allow them to marry because they are human beings who deserve equal rights.

Some people who oppose same sex marriage will say that they have no problem with what someone does in the privacy of their own home, but that the institution of marriage is between a man and a woman, therefore, they should not be allowed to marry. The Bible is clear about this and this is what they believe.

Others will say that those people who love someone of the same sex are sinners and will be judged by God. They don't deserve to be treated with respect. May be these people don't say this publicly, but that's what they are saying with their words and actions.

And on the other side, those who support the right to marry for same sex couples will say that this is their choice and who they are and that they deserve the same rights as everyone else


And here we find ourselves today in very general terms.

For me, the heart of the opposition to same sex couples being treated equally is a profound fear with something people do not understand. Fear then turns into discrimination, disrespect, and discomfort and in some cases, undeniable hate. They don't understand how someone could be attracted to somebody of the same sex because their experience is different. And they seek positions from spiritual leaders, churches, Scripture, and the media to defend their thinking that same sex marriage and homosexuality is wrong and should be eliminated.

I ask again: Are gays and lesbians not human beings too? Why the opposition? Why the blatant disrespect?

It's not even that the Bible is opposed to it. The problem is our interpretation. Our belief system and our fearful ideas about same sex couples inform our interpretations of everything we read and hear and vice versa. Further, there are countless citizens who hold positions of power that 'profit' and 'benefit' from a divisive position that rallies the masses in favor of discrimination over acceptance, conditional love over unconditional love.

In sum, we have a lot of growing up to do as a society.

Let me close this short piece by saying that MY POSITION above all is about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Loving everyone for who they are, wherever they are. When human beings are model, law-abiding citizens asking for equal rights and to be accepted for who they are, we should give it to them. There shouldn't be any question if what we choose is to build a more loving and peaceful experience on Earth. Anything else is uncivilized and condones separation over unity, not to mention, being extremely unfair.

Be respectful, be love, and be kind to everyone.

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