Monday, November 7, 2011

10 predictions for my lifetime

These predictions are not necessarily original but have come from me. They are based on what's happening and my feelings about the nature of things. I will admit, they are pretty optimistic overall, but I am an optimistic guy and believe that we are always moving forward as a people both collectively and individually toward greater levels of enlightenment.

Life is becoming more and more fast-paced. As life speeds up, so does greater potential for advancement but also obstacles. Nonetheless, our collective consciousness is raising and rising more than ever before. This ultimately leads to the experience of a more harmonious planet and peace on earth.

The following predictions are in no particular order:

1. Political upheaval and transformation (as currently seen in the Middle East) will only grow and reach more and more countries eventually leading to more democratic governments in places that lack democracy and systemic changes in current democracies. All events strengthen individual rights generally while supporting the collective good specifically.

2. Environmental calamity in its various forms will continue to occur as the earth shifts and re-balances. Thousands, may be millions, of people will be affected but these changes will usher in a new era of policy, sustainability, and increased solidarity among governments and people. These changes will affect population growth and ecological systems too in profound ways but be better for us in the long-run.

3. A transfer to alternative energy sources among nations and people will only grow in nature and scope. Advancement in these areas and increased distribution will lead to lower prices while phasing out traditional sources of energy mitigating future conflict.

4. The cultural and practical rise of social businesses, grass-roots development, and social entrepreneurs will only increase as more and more individuals are empowered and given the tools to advance human development. Grass-roots organizing around ideas, new principles, and basic solutions will lead to more innovation and a greater role in development for the poorer populations of the world. Governments will no longer be able to overlook the critical masses.

5. Our current unsustainable economic system and market dependence will give way to a new system of economics that relies on principles that support individual success as before but whose very nature allows for collective advancement and the narrowing of the gap between rich and poor. The end result is a more wealthy populous whose benefits are widespread for all of humanity.

6. The Southern Hemisphere and the emerging economies' influence will only increase. They will face the same decisions most developed economies faced during their rise but will usher in a new model for development away from traditional means. This will force developed countries to change their policies presenting the risk of conflict. Still, the inter-connectedness of both hemispheres, combined with new perceptions of material and social progress, will work together to avoid the greatest pitfalls of their differences. Overall, a re-balancing of power will occur where 'more' countries have a say in international issues ultimately leading to a more democratic global system.

7. War over energy and water will be averted on a grand scale because of the new systems of doing things and the greater cooperation and inter-connectedness among nations. The above-mentioned predictions will allow for a more caring and altruistic system where those poised to feel the greatest effects of energy and water depletion, will be helped and guided.

8. International Organizations and blocs of countries will increasingly experiment and come together around general principles leaving more opportunities for a one-world government to be formed. Experiments like the European Union are examples of the slow shift to collective policies and governance for blocs of countries.

9. The explosion of our aging population world-wide will lead to new solutions for caring for our elders, decreasing costs, and empowering them to live more active later years while re-incorporating them into society.

10. The United States will continue to experience sluggish growth for the next decade, fall behind, and then, faced with difficult challenges to its relevance, rebound as a global leader again but this time as a "super-partner," not a super-power.

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