Sunday, June 26, 2011

A more harmonious society is possible; but only by creating it

Our politics causes good people to suppress "who they are." To suppress "what they truly believe in." To hide their true feelings behind a veil of political posturing. What's more, we hide our true feelings in order to falsely please a public that needs real leadership; not some fake version masquerading as being 'for the people'. Politics is based on fear and manipulation.

Both Democrats and Republicans play this game. We play this game as citizens too.

I believe that human beings are more compassionate, more caring, and much more willing to compromise than we give them credit for.

It's easier for some of us to accept that the world is not black and white while a great many of us are afraid to believe that it is anything but, despite our feelings to the contrary.

Some leaders have shown that they believe in a world that is binary and nuanced and that is better, stronger when we settle our differences for the collective good instead of for individual accolades or some notion of power.

Many do not. For them, the world is black and white; there's no middle ground and they stubbornly stick to what they believe in even if it alienates much of society. Even if it serves only small interests at the expense of the common good.

Sure, hand it to those that maintain their beliefs despite fierce opposition and pressure. By being direct and focused, they sometimes win over a large portion of society for their cause. But when their beliefs are centered on helping a small interest group or sector of society, everybody else loses, all the time, one way or another.

Some of our leaders tease the public with their proclamations about creating a Utopian society for us all. There are others who often step in to drive a stake in this notion. They say that it's not realistic. That a more equitable, perfect world is a figment of our imagination. It's precisely this attitude that limits us from our true potential.

So what do we have to be in response to the problem of our politics; the problem of our leadership?

First, those rational, reasonable folk among us need to push back. We need to help move our politics beyond the prevailing ideology and immaturity that runs deep. We need to transcend what makes us weak and help our leaders and those around us focus on what makes us strong. If they won't, then we need to show them the way gently. We can't do this through placating, appeasing, or searching for some fake 'middle ground' which only perpetuates the paralysis within our current system. Instead, we have to find some real middle ground and consensus for a goal that is larger than our individual selves.

While we must be respectful of those who want so desperately to keep our broken system of politics in place, we nonetheless have to usher them to the door and tell them that this way of leading no longer serves who we are and where we choose to be.

It's no secret that the general public adamantly disapproves of our national leadership. They're tired of politics and seek a different way. There won't be a different way until those in power look in the mirror and realize that they're failing us on all fronts.

There's a bigger picture here too. We're also failing each other and our reps are a prime example of this failure. We're all divided, unhappy, driven by ego and personal gain. We're not willing to make the sacrifices required to usher in a new era in America. We're not ready to create a more peaceful, progressive society that honors others and progress and that communicates these ideals in all spheres, at all times, and in all ways.

A different way is possible. It's just hidden below the surface level of our intransigence. It's waiting to be recognized and engaged.

In many ways, what I am talking about is branding a 'new politics.' This new politics is not politics at all actually, but a way of expressing and applying our true feelings in everything we do. We need to start standing up and expressing/finding what we believe in. To make REAL sacrifices for a better society, not more politics. The leaders among us need to start honestly talking to the American public about where we are and where we need to go to build a stronger society and make decisions that reflect that. Some at the top have, most haven't.

We need to usher in a real shift in the evolution of our consciousness, away from the hypocrisy, ego, and narrow-mindedness of leadership that we see today.

Our new society needs to open, honest, loving, and peaceful. It must empower and take care of the most vulnerable citizens among us. We need to create a society that cherishes being 'who you are' at all levels, and declaring it without fear of discrimination.

To create a society that moves beyond the quest for profits at all costs; a society that says no to hate and to those among us who'd rather hijack our frustration for political, power-based ends.

And finally, to create a society that advocates and lives what, I believe, we all want at the deepest level of our being: to live in a peaceful world where opportunity is plentiful and where we can live freely knowing that we are supported and safe. We hold ourselves back, nothing more.

I still firmly believe that the majority among us are compassionate and caring and that bringing out these true qualities will lead to progress and to the true state of life that resides within us.

So if our leaders in every community today are truly serious about change and transformation; about creating a more peaceful society among us, than they need to show it by moving away from the paralyzing nature of politics. They need to be more flexible and embrace policies that are in line with a stronger society FOR ALL, not the few, and that champions long-term progress over short-term gain.

By doing so, and if we come from that caring and compassionate place that resides within us, we'll achieve great things for the advancement of our collective society.

Let's wake up from the conditioned/forgetful/ego-based lives that we lead. Let's believe we can create something bigger and grander than what exists today and go for it. The time is now. The Utopia I mentioned earlier is actually entirely possible and within reach, but we have to be willing to create it.

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