Friday, February 4, 2011

New Insights on Success

It's funny how we put so much time and energy into worrying and stressing about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future.

We literally focus all of our thoughts on things that have already occurred and on hypothetical future situations that are not relevant to now.

By doing this, we miss out on the present moment, on what's in front of us. It's really a very simple concept, to be in the present; and yet the practice is nearly impossible for most of us. Our mind, our ego is hell-bent on attachment to things, experiences, and conditions in life that it believes are real, when in truth, they are just illusions. Attached to thoughts and emotions that are fleeting.

We live in fear of what's next in our lives. We live in fear of life's uncertainties. And by falling for the doubt, fear, and worry about things that have NOT happened yet, we actually draw those things to us and lose our connection to ourselves.

Thus, we must work toward coming from a place that is present and focused on what is happening before us, not behind or in front of us. By doing this, we dissolve the fear and worry, we connect with who we are, and everything becomes possible in our lives. Because we only care about what's happening now.

For me, this was an epiphany of sorts. I say of sorts because I'd had the experience before. But yesterday, while driving home from dinner, Peke and I were talking about this very subject. It became clear that I was focusing too much time on past moments and past events from the day as well as thinking incessantly about what's next when we get home or what's on tap for tomorrow or the next day, etc. It becomes so crazy in my mind sometimes, constantly going this way and that way that it is utterly exhausting, physically tiring.

Now some of us are blessed with the present moment in our daily lives. We don't worry about things that haven't happened yet and we could care less about what was said or done yesterday. We should care about what happens in our lives. I'm not saying we shouldn't. Our actions and decisions should take ourselves and others into consideration and we should be true to self in all that we are, but we definitely don't have to incessantly beat to death things we can't control or things that bear no relevance to the present moment.

The present moment is liberating.

Continuing our discussion in the car last night, I noticed that I was so concerned about outcomes and the end-results of things that I was missing the process once again and most importantly, the present moment. And I'd venture to say that many of us have a similar experiences. So I've fallen into putting too much attention on obtaining goals, but not the goals themselves, and with the fear of things not working out that goes with this line of thinking, I've been pushing away the easiest way to achieve all that I desire: the present moment.

Okay, so I've reiterated the importance of the present moment numerous times. What does that have to do with success?

Well, I realized that success is not some future event, it's what's happening now. If I eliminate the fear of the unknown from my life and focus on the present moment, I will be more successful in everything I do, because, quite simply, I'm focused on what's at hand, not lost elsewhere. Presence brings clarity, pure consciousness, awareness, and success. I get more in touch with my deeper feelings, wash away stress and strain, providing room for inspiration, new insights, and connection with who I am and what I want out of life. Continued focus on presence, over time, will make it easier and easier for you to become successful at whatever it is that you do. I'm writing successfully here, it's flowing nicely, because I am in the moment and what flows from me is uninterrupted by past or future.

And it's here that we also build confidence and faith in ourselves. Not concerned with "what if", we are truly alive in "what is". It's basically impossible to not achieve what it is you seek if you come from this place. It may take 'time,' but it will be increasingly present for you in the series of moments that began your awakening, whenever that is.

Having connected with these insights, I also noticed that the fear of the future was evidenced in my cautious statements that what I was hoping to achieve might not actually happen. For instance the statement: "I am successful" is often more like: "I hope to be successful" or "I'm going to try to get there or do that" or "It should work out, hopefully." But these statements are limiting in themselves and are based subtly in a fear of the unknown, as I have said repeatedly, and are evidence of a weak self-confidence in my own abilities to create or in the world's ability to fulfill what it is I choose or want in life.

So I decided that a new attitude was needed. And I believe in it's power because I have seen it before in my life and in others lives. In the present moment, we must "know" that we are successful, happy, and healthy; that we are not "going" to achieve our goals and objectives, but that we "are" doing these things right now, in the present. "Knowing is believing." We've heard that quote before. I would also say "Knowing is believing and knowing is creating." So, accept the questions and doubts that arise in your mind every day in your life, but understand where they are coming from and dissolve them by "knowing" that you "have" all there is you need to be successful and that you "are" successful. Then watch things flow to you effortlessly and without resistance. It's easier than we think, but the problem is precisely that we think too much!

And finally, this attitude, actually, this way of life; should not be confused with arrogance or over-confidence in oneself or at the expense of others, but instead, it's about a quiet, subtle confidence and consciousness that puts faith in that everything is possible and that you will achieve what you choose. It's not a question of if, but only of when.

When? When you live in the present moment!

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