Thursday, March 25, 2010

Noise in our lives

Every morning, I check my email and read the newspaper. I read the news online and thumb through articles on anything from US politics, to international affairs, to other interest pieces. It's an educational experience, it can be enlightening; but it is also generally frought with incessant, never-ending noise.

The amazing advance of the internet, of communications, and around-the-clock media, has provided our society with many important outlets to build awareness and unite as fellow citizens in a global community. But it has also given rise to a collective noise that bombards us every minute of every day. The invasion of non-stop information on every topic known to man is almost impossible to avoid. It inhibits our ability to find clarity in our lives. It inhibits our access to legitimate and sincere information. We have become almost hysterical and sensationalist in our own lives as a result of listening too much to what we are being fed every day.

I am not against the media or the advances in the news and communications. But I dislike some of the negative consequences.

As I mentioned earlier, there are inumerable benefits to the world we live in today that allows us to connect with friends and strangers in every corner of the world. With a click of the mouse, we can learn and read about people and their communities and keep up-to-date on current events in every country, even in the most unknown places. This connection evolves our awareness, it evolves our recognition of the world that exists beyond our immediate reality.

Still, the incessant noise of the media and its consistent barrage of negativity drowns out the positive things that are happening every day in our lives. It drowns out the benefits of our innate goodness and rationalness, of being in touch with our true selves.

Thus, we must harness the positive attributes that are at our core and use them to bridge gaps and inspire unity. Our media and our communications are tools for this, but we must empower these tools in constructive ways that effectively pierce the cloud of negativity and accentuate the positive that resides within us.

One final comment: Rejecting the negative forces in our lives and in the media does not mean that we avoid understanding the root causes of our negativity and seek to correct them. We must accept what is before us if we are to heal it. Nonetheless, focusing on the positive gives rise to that pure energy and empowers others to do the same.

Be the difference...

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