Sunday, January 24, 2010

When You Give You Receive

"When You Give You Receive" is a simple concept. It basically means that what you give, you get in return.

This does not mean that if I give a bicycle one day, I will get a bicycle back the next. There are benefits to giving that transcend the material.

When you give, you realize that you have that specific thing to give. Giving away money is an act of knowing that you have money to give. It creates more money in your life thereafter. When you know at your core that you have something, it comes to you in abundance. Pure knowing, creates pure having. This is the key.

Be sure, however, that if you give in order to receive, you won't get what you expect. It is a construction of the mind to think that I can say one day "let's give this thing, already thinking about what you are going to get in return."

Giving has to be unconditional. You must give from your heart, not from your head. Unconditional love and true giving is done without needing anything in return. Not needing anything in return, creates the experience of having everything you could ever imagine.

Here is a link to an editorial today in the Times by Nicholas Kristof. It talks about a family that sold their house in order to give half the proceeds to charity. The smaller home that they bought has brought the family closer together and changed their lives. They gave and then they received in other ways beyond the material.

There is no doubt that if their intentions continue to be pure, they will be successful in the years to come in both spiritual and material terms. They have inspired others. The more you give, the more you receive.

Give something today. Give it unconditionally and observe what happens next.

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