Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Heart Intuitive Road Trip Reaches 3,000 Miles and Beyond

Heart Intuitive Road Trip Days 16-19. Thank you to my Davidson classmate Kristine Jo and housemate Cecilia for hosting me during my time in Portland, Oregon. Beautiful Heart Intuitive healing sessions with Bethany Winters Jason Burris Jennifer D Alderman and Kristine. Thank you for the home away from home and the comfort to rest before the following journey east across the country. 

Days 19-23: The Heart Intuitive Road Trip reached 3 weeks and beyond in Wallace, Idaho and Bozeman, Montana. Breathtaking beauty on the open road, meditative long drives in silence, and an unexpected and nourishing gift of three nights with Pamela Alvord and her sisters, Sandy & Debbe (my adopted aunts). Plus a healing session and timely revelations. Thank you Pam! Thank you Joshua Alvord for connecting me to your mother and home state!

Days 24-25: 

With the destination of Fairfield, Iowa, some 19 hours from Bozeman, Montana, I used my personal lifeline and spent two nights at two different hotels in Spearfish, South Dakota, and Sargent Bluff, Iowa. Spearfish followed an afternoon of travel on a two lane road through Cheyenne country in eastern Montana and the peaked hills of indigenous land contrasted against the visible poverty of the ancient tribe. The sun set over the hills and a thunderstorm was brewing as I continued the travel into the night dodging deer on fairly well lite road. I finally arrived after several tense hours. 

The following day I paid a visit to the dead presidents on a slab of rock called Mount Rushmore. I navigated around streams of tourists before getting in the car and hitting the open road. The Badlands of South Dakota were near as I drove along a well-paved road with flat, endless landscape and surprising pretty round trees on hills with cows and horses grazing nearby. Sargent Bluff, Iowa, some 7 hours ahead, I picked because of a brief internet search. I was drawn to its motto "Accept the past; embrace the future." It had an affordable hotel room in a makeshift inn that had an eclectic mix of visitors, some may have been renting there; circling flies but a bed to sleep on and semi-working air conditioner. 

Days 26-27: The rolling corn fields of Iowa beckoned and I crossed the state to Fairfield, Iowa where I connected with a small town and the center of Maharishi University, one of the important centers of transcendental meditation of the late guru and sage. It was there I met the humble man who had loyally run the school's printing press, bumped into and spent the afternoon with an assistant to Maharishi of 40 years and one of the founders of the university and his wife; Keith Wallace and his wife, Samantha; and met one of the heavy hitters in quantum theory and president of the university, Dr. John Hagelin. Thank you all for the hospitality and the magic you provided. 

Days 28-30: Drove to Chicago, Illinois and connected with my dear friend and Davidson classmate, Mary Square and her brother, mother, and sweet daughter. We shared stimulating conversation as I always remembered of us together and exchanged wisdom that empowered me on my journey. Thank you Mary and family!

I reflect on more than 3,000 miles of driving, silence on the open road to heal and connect with personal power, powerful healing sessions to support others, and nature. With every mile I seemed to have gained more insight, wisdom, and heart integration. With every mile a greater appreciation of self and witnessing of the talents and abilities and presence that I am. Not with arrogance but with humility, grace, and unexpected awe. 

Thank you all for journey with me thus far, thank you for the comments, the love and support, and for the warmth of reception as I journey home. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Heart Intuitive Road Trip Reaches 1000 miles

The Heart Intuitive Road Trip reached 1000 miles starting in San Diego, California and arrived in Portland, Oregon. 

Before heading East, I reflect on inspiring encounters with family and friends, Heart Intuitive healing sessions, natural beauty, and a deepening proximity to the essence of self, benevolent power, compassionate grace, and unwavering courage. Thank you everyone for the opportunity, hospitality, and love. Summary to follow. 

Day 1 & 2 of The Heart Intuitive Road Trip North America started in San Diego and the first stop was in Los Angeles to see my west coast family. Thank you for your loving support Carolyn Walsh Demint & Don Demint and Carolyn's parents Debbie & Charles, Sharon & Jeff Walsh, and my cousins in LA! 
Also, visited one of my mentors, Sal Rachele, instrumental in my recent transformation. 

Day 3 of The Heart Intuitive Road Trip with Vinita Dube Pande and community. Led a guided meditation and heart healing session with the group of 16 setting an intention and aligning with our hearts to manifest what we focused on in our lives. Thank you to this wonderful community for receiving me and sharing with me.

Vinita's testimony to the group session: "What an amazingly gentle, calm, and divine meditation Jonathan led here. Everyone could feel the love engulf and fill them. it was as though the grace of Jesus was present. Really beautiful! Jonathan is definitely blessed. And we are so grateful to receive this Grace!" 

Day 4 & 5 of The Heart Intuitive Road Trip. Davidson College reunion with Kelly Copeland & her partner, Christina. Individual healing sessions, good food, and connecting over the college days. Thank you both!

The Heart Intuitive Road Trip in Santa Cruz with my best childhood friend Josh Wilbur and Kristy Victoria Wilbur and children, Finley and Milo. Redwoods and healing session with Josh! Thank you dear friend from childhood. 

Josh's testimony: "My time with Jonathan was peaceful and rejuvenating. I found the end of the session to be very powerful where we discussed gained insights that were very pertinent to my life and well-being." 

Day 7-10 of The Heart Intuitive Road Trip was in Berkeley, CA. Grateful to share healing sessions and quality time with cousins Heather Lind Knudsen, Stephanie Lind, their lovely families, and my favorite companion Baris! Thank you!!!

Heather's testimony: 

"Between the Strawberry Moon and the Red Sun I had a healing session with Jonathan Teel  and the magic of Jonathan left a positive ripple in its wake. My time has felt more spacious.The connection to myself rekindled..Gazing at the bigger picture, I remember what is most important love!"

Days 11-14 of the The Heart Intuitive Road Trip took time out for personal reflection and healing below the sacred Mt. Shasta, California. Spiritual place, transformative energy, natural wonder and majestic. Great companionship as well with dear friend Lydia Briggs and Baris, who prefers the car to a tent...!

Days 14-15 of the Heart Intuitive Road Trip in Ashland, Oregon. Always wanted to visit this unique place and it was here that I reflected on courage and the previous days while walking in nature and taking in live music on the street. Neale Donald Walsch also lives in Ashland, Oregon. The well-known author of The Conversations with God series inspired me in my twenties putting feelings into words and sparking my awakening to a deeper nature of self, others, and our journey in the universe. 

Day 17 today of The Heart Intuitive Road Trip in Portland, Oregon . Healing sessions tonight and over 
the next few days while resting up before traveling East through Montana, South Dakota, toward Fairfield, Iowa. 

Thank you for following me and this journey!

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Heart Intuitive Experience Across North America -

Greetings Community:

I began a healing arts practice called The Heart Intuitive about one year ago. Trained in Reiki and other eastern healing techniques, I increasingly centered my focus on the heart. On supporting the healing and opening of the heart for others. On helping them live from their heart and manifest from there.

My work is informed by my own ongoing transformation & experience. It comprises many other aspects of personal growth for you but nevertheless I've seen how important the heart is to everything and this work transcends the physical. The heart is the center of everything. It is the pathway to the soul.

My personal journey to this point has spanned 8 years of inner work, transformation, trauma, and challenges. And that's only a blip on the radar. But all along the way, I've experienced countless breakthroughs, beautiful and surreptitious moments of awakening. I'm grateful for ALL OF IT. I'm here now in this way because of it.

The Inspiration

Two months ago, I had an inspiration that I needed to take a healing road trip across the US and even Canada back to Maine where I grew up. This was not just any road trip for me but one focused on helping others by using my healing gifts, wisdom, and open heart.

This trip is a singular opportunity of a lifetime to step out of the comfort zone again in a completely new phase of my experience and trust Life, trust Spirit, and trust Myself to guide and be supported along the way. It is also in one sense a huge challenge from where I have been recently but in another an all heart decision :) full of courage and purpose. I just know I have to do it and that it is time.

The Route

The route for my journey is set generally but everything in between is unknown. Kind of like our life. As in any trip of this nature, I don't know what awaits and I have to be open to the possibilities and be present with each moment whether in a session with someone or on the open road.

I am already giving sessions in the Bay Area of northern California next week before moving into Oregon for more experiences before traveling across Montana/Wyoming toward the Dakotas to Fairfield, Iowa, Chicago, before crossing to Toronto, Montreal, and the back door into Vermont and Maine. I am in Maine and New England in August before returning to California on a different route in September.

Individual sessions are already being planned to give these unique healing sessions and to share a beautiful and uplifting exchange. I will be holding and creating space for you to have new awareness, new clarity, and transformation on both subtle and direct levels in your life.

The Sessions:

What do these healing sessions look like? They are similar to this road trip. I have a general map or framework to work within but the journey itself between these points is largely up to us and unknown. But rest assured it is guided and supported in a powerful way. They will provide you with exactly what it is you need to heal, to grow, to face fears, and to clear obstacles in a nurturing space for the realization of specific goals or a larger vision in your life.

So there it is. I am leaving on Friday June 22 just after the summer solstice.

Please join me on this journey if you desire by visiting this blog regularly for writing and uploaded heartfelt videos.

- Check out Facebook as well for posts here: or

- Or even on LinkedIn here:

And finally, if you know someone, somewhere in the US on my path who might benefit from a session with me, please message me on Facebook or write to me at May be our paths will align.

Much love and light,


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Comfort Zone

Do you live in the comfort zone?

The comfort zone is that place where everything is relatively easy, few challenges, systems in order, and life is predictable and well, safe. There is nothing wrong with the comfort zone. May be your world is exactly the way you want it to be and would change nothing. If so, then, keep doing what you are doing.

I'm not happy in the comfort zone anymore. But I have been afraid to leave it. There was a time when I was living in Argentina and existing daily out of my comfort zone. I was traveling to grassroots communities within and outside the city of Buenos Aires that were deemed "unsafe" because of the crime, poverty, and need.

In one example, I would take an old train about 1.5 hours down a rickety track into a rural town never knowing what I would find there. It could be easy to give into fear if you allowed it but I actually wasn't afraid. Most of the time, I felt at home in the world.

I wondered how I did it back then? The answer to my question was "trust" and "courage." There was also a sense of adventure and knowing that I was supported.

By whom or what? I didn't have a clear picture at the time what was supporting me or any of us since I often traveled with foreign volunteers to these places. Looking back, I know now that I was supported by Spirit, by life-force energy, and by my own soul. There was also love and heartfelt guidance. I knew somehow that I would be safe and that these experiences were valuable for growth.

As we enter springtime where I am, I am facing an intensifying nudge to leave the well-furnished comfort zone I have created within myself and in my environment.

To be sure, I step out here and there and it takes courage to embrace the new abilities and responsibilities that seem to be coming my way as I surrender to my life and step into my personal power to help others.

A part of me would rather stay safe in the comfort zone. It's kicking and screaming right now. But the comfort zone, while nurturing and sometimes needed, I have found also leads to stagnation and limitation from the expression of who I am. So I am returning to that trusting spirit and inspiration to step out into the world again even during these tumultuous times.

I place my right hand on my heart and the left hand on my core near the belly button and allow myself to listen to the inner guidance which knows the way.

If you are living in the comfort zone and want to step out in some way that you feel is healthy for you but are afraid, you are not alone. I have a sense that it will be healing, transformative, and magical. Let's journey together.

Much love!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Staying Positive in the Face of Obstacles

How do we stay positive when life isn't working out and we aren't where we want to be?

I think this is one of the greater challenges we all face: being positive and trusting life and trusting what is showing up in our lives.

I have had many amazing days only to be followed by a day or two (even weeks) that weren't so great. I'm feeling awesome and life seems divine but then it's not. I am a mess, things aren't working out, and everything seems to be an issue. I want to go back to the peace of the previous days but it feels impossible.

Do I have any control over what happens? Whether you believe that you do or not, you do have some control over how you respond to what happens.

I find in my experience that when I am struggling through a day, I am resisting what is showing up in my life that day. I am resisting and avoiding all of the uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, and even the things that I have to do. And by resisting them, I am making them worse.

Here's an example:

I have work to do for one of the classes I teach. I don't want to do it. I am constantly thinking about what I have to do and at the same time, I am thinking that I don't want to do it.

There is inner conflict within me: knowing what I have to do and thinking about it AND not wanting to do it. I need to do it but I don't want to. I am divided. I am resistant to "what is" (needing to finish my work) and it is causing me stress, anxiety, and irritation. And this stress within me GROWS the longer I resist it. It can eventually break me down and completely mess up my whole day, if not days.

So whatever is coming up for us that day, we have a challenge and an opportunity to "not resist" and to have a positive, accepting attitude.

Part of having a positive attitude and accepting what is happening on the good days and bad days is also trust. We learn to trust that everything that is happening in our lives has a reason even if it appears that it doesn't. We can ask questions like:

What is life trying to teach us? Or what are we trying to remember about ourselves or our experience? What are we not seeing in our lives or what are we afraid to look at?

Trusting is difficult when everything is hard and when things aren't going as we would like. This is where inner strength comes in. This is where the courage to trust becomes paramount.

I have found that the courage to trust and be positive happens within you. You need others but you are the linchpin. Trust almost always also requires faith too. Faith in yourself, faith in life, faith in God or faith in whatever power you associate it with.

To summarize:

Practice letting go of resistance to what is happening each day. Accept it as best as you can.

Have a positive attitude in the face of challenges and think good thoughts. Be courageous in your action.

Trust and have faith that you can do it. You are being supported. Your life and experience is happening for a reason.

If you can train yourself to practice some of these steps, you can begin to shift your reality from one of stress, anxiety, and even pain to one of acceptance, surrender, peace, and also most importantly, greater ease in the realization of your daily tasks and reaching your goals.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Replace Negative with Positive and Change Your Life

"Your thoughts are creative. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and see how over time your reality begins to change. Joy is your birthright, contrary to popular belief."

I was inspired to write and post this on Facebook and now I am going to briefly blog on it.

I've always understood conceptually what this meant or for a long time at least. I've practiced it off and on, in and out. But it wasn't until the last few years and even the last few weeks that it clicked and is taking hold of my life.

I've been conducting a personal experiment with the fairly well-known information that positive thinking is a stronger force for good in your life than negative.

You see most people, busy in their lives, myself included, don't realize that you are thinking negative thoughts about a great number of different things. You are also thinking thoughts of lack or don't have.

Start watching your thoughts. Start paying attention to what you are thinking every day. There is probably more negative than positive on average.

It's not your fault. You are not a bad person. You are conditioned to think in the negative. We have created a great many negative thoughts around many situations in life. There's too many to write here.

These negative thoughts have power. They create our experience. They go out from you and into others and they also go into you. They stop you from experiencing positive things in your life; they thwart you from realizing your dreams or just having an awesome day!

So start observing your thoughts. If you don't know what that means, it's okay. Just set an objective or intention to be more aware of your thoughts and watch yourself have moments of "was I really thinking that?" or "wow, did I really just judge that person?" or other thoughts about not being good enough, worthy enough, or happy enough. Watch them. These thoughts are everywhere, all the time.

You don't need to judge the negative thoughts. Notice them and then start, day by day, replacing them with positive ones. Anything you want that is positive. You'll see a difference over time and even instantaneously.

Keep it simple.

Do your best to start your day saying out loud that you are going to have an amazing day and then go have one. If you hit roadblocks or obstacles, don't worry. This will take time but the more you think positive and are aware of its power, the more beauty will come into your life and the happier you will be. It will offer challenges for personal growth and in your relationships too. But you can do it.

And finally, you will start to create those things you truly desire in your life.

So yeah, it was conceptual for me for a long time with moments of glory. But now I am experiencing it more and my life is aligning and I am happier than I have ever been.

I am here to help us create a new reality. One that is positive, peaceful, and creative. One that shows us that the only thing that is stopping us is ourselves and it has a lot to do with our thoughts.

As stated above, joy is your birthright.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mixed Feelings in Cuba

In April, I traveled to Cuba to connect with the Cuban people and to see a country that battled with the United States government for decades following Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution.

The recent thaw in diplomatic relations between the two countries began in 2014 under former President Barack Obama and subsequently loosened travel restrictions for US citizens to the small Caribbean island, joining scores of Canadian and European visitors.
There were many sides to the story of life in this small communist nation of nearly 11 million inhabitants and a reported GDP above USD 80 billion in 2015 (Trading Economics).

Foreign travel to Cuba inspired a growing cohort of Cuban entrepreneurs offering transport and housing. In cities like Havana and Trinidad, Cuban citizens welcomed opportunities to earn more money above their abysmal state-controlled salaries. But the hope of new income was contrasted against heavy taxes by the government on all earnings leaving most Cubans still struggling desperately to get by.

In Cuban towns, the poverty of means was also observable even if the spirit of the Cuban people remained optimistic and determined. A group of friendly retired tradesmen sat on a park bench and spoke of the “peaceful” people of Cuba, the quiet life there, and their “rich” history. If they harbored any grievances against life under Castro, they weren’t showing it.

In a larger bustling town, I listened to a group of men express a desire for improved economic relations with the US while fiercely playing dominos on a broken wooden table ready to collapse at any moment. That same day I accompanied a lively group of older fellows smoking Cuban cigars. These men waited for a government bus to take them to work harvesting crops but the bus never arrived.

And there was no shortage of government inspiration. Billboards everywhere defended solidarity, hard-work, and the unity of the Cuban village. The revolutionary message starred Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, among others. Cuban TV reminded viewers of the achievements of the late Fidel, paid homage to fallen revolutionary heroes, and rehashed the struggle against the imperial west.

If the Cuban people were unhappy with life or bothered with the endless propaganda, they were rarely willing to speak of it. Instead, they soldiered on in an acceptance of things as they were, some blissfully happy and others in apparent resignation to life’s “struggle.”

A starving man approached me at a service station on my last day. His bare feet and skeletal frame were visible to anyone who noticed. He pointed at my bag of snacks and I gave him everything without hesitation. Within seconds I observed him grinning and grunting amidst ferocious bites.
I appreciated the simplicity of Cuban life and the warmth of the people. I despaired at the overwhelming poverty, the decaying buildings and public services, and the mostly government- controlled life under a veil of unity.